Student and Alumni Testimonials

Video Mha Faqs

Hear first-hand from our students and alumni in these brief video clips.

Choosing UNC Charlotte’s MHA Program

  • Why did you apply to UNC Charlotte?
  • What was the application process like?
  • How is the MHA Program at UNC Charlotte Unique?
  • What opportunities are there in the MHA Program?
  • Advice for starting your application.

The Program Experience

  • How flexible is the program?
  • What are the dual-degree programs like?
  • How was your transition into the program?
  • What is the internship process like?
  • How can I get involved outside of the classroom?
  • What was your overall experience in the program?

Thriving as Alumni

  • What are your career goals after completing the program?
  • How can UNC Charlotte help advance your career?