MPH & MHA programs eliminate GRE requirement

Consistent with a change to Graduate School policies mandating standardized test scores, the MPH and MHA programs at UNC Charlotte have eliminated their GRE requirement effective immediately.  This change makes permanent the waiver of GREs previously enacted.

International students whose native language is not English will still be asked to submit either TOEFL or IELTS scores as part of their application.

To ensure applicants address their quantitative, verbal, and analytical capacity, the programs will provide specific guidance on expected content in the admissions essay.  For additional details, see the specific program's admissions pages.

  • Click HERE for more details on the MPH Program. 
  • Click HERE for more details on the MHA Program.
  • Click HERE for more details on International Applicants. 

*Applicants may still submit GRE scores for consideration as part of their application portfolio.  Applicants are encouraged to review the program's profile of competitive applicants.  Applicants who are concerned that their coursework and other documents might not convey competitiveness in quantitative, analytic, or verbal reasoning capacity are encouraged to contact the program to discuss the competitiveness of their application and advisability of including GRE scores as part of their application portfolio.