CEO Roundtable

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Seven MHA students had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Michael Tarwater, MHA, FACHE, CEO of Carolinas Healthcare System (CHS), and learn more about his experience in healthcare and serving as a CEO. The emerging role of ‘big data’ and electronic health records, the need for better integrating mental health into primary care, and effective leadership skills, were among themes discussed in the far-ranging conversation.

Mr. Tarwater emphasized that the two most important traits leaders should have are humility and integrity, because without these one cannot form good relationships. He gives the following advice for current students: “Take the work you’re given, do it to the best of your ability, tell your boss you appreciate the work given to you, and then ask for more. Also, remember that the patient comes first always, and that you would be no-where without the team that helped you along the way.”