A Welcome to Our New First Years!

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The MHA program kicked off the new school year with a brief orientation and extended networking session for 27 students in the fall 2015 Cohort. The session provided a wonderful opportunity for the new students to meet faculty, alumni, local health care executives, and fellow students. Orientation concluded with a meet-and-greet session organized by CHESO in partnership with members of the GCHEG Executive Committee that provided an overview of ACHE, GCHEG, and CHESO.

Students in the new cohort reflect an impressive array of interests, educational backgrounds, and experiences. Common interests include Long-Term and Psychiatric Care, Oncology, and Emergency Management. Entering student backgrounds range from neuroscience to biology to healthcare administration to social work and to nursing. Many had prior (or concurrent work experience) averaging several years.

The students met UNC Charlotte MHA alumni Richard Martin and Kelsey M McEvoy, local healthcare executive and Greater Charlotte Healthcare Executives Group (GCHEG) President Joann Spaleta, and Charlotte Healthcare Executive Student Organization (CHESO) representatives Kodi Smith and Connor Horgan. Mr. Martin and Ms. McEvoy discussed the importance of engaging with CHESO, GCHEG, and ACHE. In addition, they shared their experiences at the 2013 ACHE Congress on Healthcare Leadership, where Mr. Martin secured an internship and a scholarship.