Graduate Certificates

Graduate certificates are 12-18 credit programs that can add value to your MPH degree.

Most can be completed within the time frame of our 5-semester program at no additional cost.

You will need to apply to your chosen Graduate Certificate program through The Graduate School, including paying the application fee.

If you choose to pursue a Graduate Certificate, you will be allowed to use the 3 elective slots (Cross-cutting, Restricted, and Interprofessional) that every MPH student must complete for their degree. For example, if your Graduate certificate requires 15 credits, 9 of them would be taken as part of your MPH plan of study. You would then only need 2 additional classes to complete that Graduate certificate.

NOTE: If you are an international student, you will need to make sure you can maintain full-time enrollment while completing the Graduate Certificate program.

Graduate Certificate programs that you might consider are listed below. Other programs are available and can be found through the UNC Charlotte Course Catalog.

Should you decide to pursue a graduate certificate, please confer with the MPH Program Director before applying.