PHS PhD Alumna Jessica Hoyle Featured in play “Oxytocin”, raising awareness for The deaf community

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Derek Long LLC in association with NCSD presents “All the Oxytocin in Your Fingertips,” an immersive experience for Deaf and Non-Deaf alike. All proceeds will benefit Alder Springs Deaf & Blind Community. About the play: A Deaf of Hearing individual, raised in a caustic 1990s household where sign language is forbidden, secretly navigates three different communities that are united by a passionate belief that communication (and love) can ignite from all the sparks alive in your fingertips. This coming-of-age story poses the question: “Would you rather be a ‘different’ person in a ‘normal’ world … or a ‘normal’ person in a different world?”

More details about Dr. Jessica Hoyle’s role in the article below: