Student Resources

Graduate Certificate Opportunities

With careful course selection, students can also earn a Graduate Certificate in a specialty area, often with few or no additional courses. Graduate certificates are available in Gerontology; Communication Studies; Applied Ethics; Emergency Management; Africana Studies; Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies; and Health Informatics. Please consult the Graduate School website for more information.

Center for graduate life

To be successful, graduate students must do more than excel in their academic work. Success requires that students develop skills like public speaking, professional writing and financial literacy. The Graduate School sponsors professional development opportunities for graduate students through the Center for Graduate Life. The Center features teaching seminars, writing workshops, sessions on research skills, programs on writing the dissertation, and more. In addition to gaining new skills, students have the opportunity to network with peers from across disciplines. These workshops are covered through the usual tuition and fees, without addition cost. You can find details about the Center for Graduate Life on their website.

The Graduate School at UNC Charlotte also offers a broad array of other professional development activities, including career fairs, funding opportunities, and special guest speakers, throughout the year. HSR PhD students are updated about these opportunities through email announcements from the HSR PhD Program Director.

Career Services

The University Career Center offers career development services to both graduate and undergraduate students. The office is located at 150 Atkins Building. This office exists to serve students who need assistance in making a successful transition from college or graduate school to their chosen field or career. Their contact information is: Phone: 704-687-0795; Fax: 704-687-5298, Website:

Student services offered by the University Career Center include workshops on: career planning, internships, resume’s and cover letters; effective interviewing.

Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services works with current undergraduate and graduate students along with prospective students to ensure equal access to UNC Charlotte’s campus and educational programs. All services are dependent upon verification of eligibility. Once approved for services, students receive appropriate and reasonable accommodations which are based upon the nature of an individual’s disability and documented needs. Their contact information is, Phone: 704-684-0040, Website:

Counseling Center

The UNC Charlotte Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offers individual counseling to assist students with concerns of a personal nature by helping them develop better coping strategies, resolve conflicts and handle crisis situations. Typical concerns are depression, anxiety and stress, relationship issues, identity development, substance use problems, eating and body image issues. Further information is at:

A staff psychiatrist is also available through the Student Health Center to assess whether medication may be helpful in addressing the student’s concern or for follow-up on previously prescribed medications. The psychiatrist will write prescriptions when appropriate and follow-up with students to make adjustments to medications as necessary. Further information is at:

Students who wish to consult with our psychiatrist should contact the Student Health Center directly at 704-687-7400. Students can also discuss a referral to psychiatry with a counselor at CAPS. The counseling and psychiatry services are supported by the usual tuition and fees, and are available without additional cost.