The internship experience focuses on student opportunities to gain basic knowledge and skills related to working in community health settings. Prior to the commencement of the internship, students must complete the Internship course (HLTL 3400). ​

Internship Search Strategy:

A well-formulated strategy will help you achieve your goals. Students need to be diligent in their search and organization for the internship search; keeping in mind that the internship search does not end once the resume/CV is submitted. In fact, the process should begin a few months in advance as this is a very competitive process.
Internship strategies and searches are very individual processes, but some basic information and ideas to keep in mind are:

  • Researching organizations based on interests
  • Customizing each resume and cover letter to the position at hand
  • Communicating with recruiters
  • Attending information sessions, networking events and career fairs
  • Locating UNC Charlotte students who have interned with the company previously
  • Networking with alums and other professionals within the organization
  • Preparing in advance for an interview
  • Being patient and resilient
  • Speaking with professors in your department
  • Asking for support from peers

Preparation for the Internship:

The following are a CHHS requirement:

  • A recent criminal background check*
  • A recent drug screening*
  • Immunization records*

The following documents are also to be provided:

  • Proof of liability insurance (provided by UNC Charlotte)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Tutorial
  • Documents related to specific internship sites (if applicable)

* Students are responsible for covering the costs for the criminal background check, drug screening, and any other agency-specific requirements

For the Internship:

  • Complete 120 hours of actual work experience and maintain a daily log with journal entries
  • Attend an online weekly 3-hour writing intensive seminar course to discuss predetermined topics related to working in community health settings (including understanding internship experiences, knowing your agency, learning from experience, dealing with diversity in the workplace, developing ethical competences, managing your emotions and dealing with stress, trouble-shooting and making mistakes, and evaluation of your internship experience) as well as any issues that arise at internship sites.
  • Write and present a “final report” of the internship experience.


What are examples of projects or tasks that former students have completed for the internship?
  • Creation of social media health messages on emergency situations for students, faculty, and staff;
  • Compiling and analyzing demographic data for Mobile Free Pharmacy Clinics;
  • General health and wellness ( i.e. alcohol, nutrition, mental health, etc…) tabling events on Charlotte’s campus;
  • Management of a Pop-up Food Share program in the Charlotte community;
  • Planning and implementation of mental health programs with children.
If I am on the Pre-Med Track, does clinical work count towards my internship? The BSPH internship experience focuses on student opportunities to gain basic knowledge and skills related to working in community health settings. Your internship site should provide practical experience in one or more of the five core disciplines of public health (health behavior and promotion, epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental and occupational health, and health services administration.
If I must complete a drug screen and background check for my internship site, then will it count for the CHHS compliance requirement? The CHHS drug screen and background check is separate from your internship site potentially requiring you to complete any of the following. You are responsible for paying and completing the drug screen and background check while taking the HLTH 3400/3000 Internship Prep course.
How do I access my immunization records through the Student Health Center? Check out the Charlotte Student Health Portal
You will see the Immunization records tab and all of the immunizations submitted when you became a Charlotte Niner.

Contact Details:

Betria Stinson, MPH, CHES®

| Lecturer & Public Health Minor Coordinator Pronouns: She/Her/Hers Email: When contacting Ms. Stinson regarding Internship inquiries kindly use the following subject line: INTERNSHIP_FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME

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