Health Systems Management (HSMT) Degree Requirements

General Education Courses (37-41 credit hours)

For details on required courses, refer to the General Education Program.

Major Courses (33 credit hours)

For details on major courses, refer to the Health Systems Management section in the 2023-2024 Academic Catalog.

HSMT 2101. Introduction to Health Systems Management. (3)

HSMT 2103. Introduction to Human Resources Management. (3)

HSMT 2104. Introduction to the U.S. Healthcare System. (3)

HSMT 3201. Health Systems Leadership, Ethics, and Inter-Professional Communication. (3) (O,W)

HSMT 3203. Introduction to Healthcare Accounting and Finance. (3)

HSMT 3204. Health System Organization Development and Behavior. (3)

HSMT 3104. Health Information Systems. (3)

HSMT 4201. Health Policy and Law. (3)

HSMT 4202. Quality Management and Improvement. (3)

HSMT 4600. Health Systems Management Capstone. (3) (W)

HSMT Elective course: 

HLTH 2102 – Foundations of Public Health (3)

HLTH 4090 – International Comparative Health Systems (3)

HSMT 3301 – Health Insurance and Managed Care (3)

UCOL 3410 – Career Development Internship (3 credits)

Elective Courses (47-53 credit hours)

Students in the Health Systems Management major may wish to combine their major field of study with a related minor. UNC Charlotte offers a wide range of minors – although not required for the major – to complement and otherwise enrich student readiness for workplace settings that demand effective communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, digital literacy, and effective teamwork. Students are encouraged to consider completing a minor and a large number of options exist on campus that would serve to complement the Health Systems Management major including: biology, communication studies, gerontology, international studies, management information systems, political science, and public health.

Degree Total = 120 Credit Hours

Grade Requirements

A grade of C or above in HSMT 2101, HSMT 2103, and HSMT 2104 within two attempts* is required to progress in the major. Furthermore, students are limited to two attempts* to achieve a grade of D or above in HSMT 3104, HSMT 3201, HSMT 3203, HSMT 3204, HSMT 4201, HSMT 4202, and HSMT 4600. A minimum GPA of 2.0 in the major and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 at the University are required in order to graduate. Health Systems Management majors who accumulate more than three grades of D, F, or W in required HSMT courses will be terminated from the program. Health Systems Management majors who fall below a GPA of 2.0 in the major will be placed on probation. A student on probation whose GPA in the major remains below 2.0 at the next evaluation will be terminated from the program.

*Each of the following is considered an attempt: Withdrawing from the course after the drop deadline (may be appealed); grade replacement; Incompletes that convert to grades of F; and grades of A, B, C, D, or F.

The HSMT program does not accept study abroad courses as replacements for HSMT courses.

Suggested plans of study

Students can complete the HSMT program in three to six semesters. Students choose most often the four to five semesters academic plans. Each course prepares you for the skills and knowledge you will need to be successful in the following courses. It is imperative that students follow the course sequencing in order to be successful in the HSMT major. See more information about HSMT courses road map HSMT Recommended plans of study.