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The Master of Public Health (MPH) program at UNC Charlotte is administered by the Department of Public Health Sciences in the College of Health and Human Services. It is also part of The Graduate School at UNC Charlotte. Every graduate program at UNC Charlotte abides by the policies and procedures of The Graduate School.

Graduate admissions at UNC Charlotte are coordinated by The Graduate School and applicants should be familiar with their admissions policies. Here are some links that will be helpful to you in the application process:



Admissions Process

Applicants must apply online through Graduate Admissions and upload supporting materials when submitting the online application. Applicants are expected to use The Graduate School application portal to track the progress of their graduate application and documents received and/or still needed.

Standards, requirements, & deadlines



Fall admissions:

  • Priority decision: January 15
  • Regular decision: March 15

Spring admissions:

  • Priority decision: October 1
  • Regular decision: November 15

University scholarships and grants are only available in the Fall semester and in order to qualify applications should be submitted by the priority deadline.  Applications received after this time and prior to the university application deadline will be periodically reviewed, subject to space limitations.

The UNC Charlotte MPH Program does not currently conduct summer admissions.

April 15th is the deadline for admitted students to submit their intention to enroll for the Fall semester. UNC Charlotte does not require a deposit or payment at that time and there is no penalty if you change your mind later. However, offers of funding from the university must be accepted no later than April 15th. Intent to enroll can be submitted in The Graduate School application portal.

Standards and Requirements:

Competitive applicants to the program typically have an undergraduate GPA above 3.0, are responsive to the requirements of the personal statement and have strong letters of recommendation. See our MPH Program Metrics page for more information.

The MPH Program no longer requires GRE scores.

In addition to general requirements for master's students by The Graduate School, applicants to the MPH program should have:

  1. Evidence of undergraduate major or coursework that prepares students for graduate work as attested to on transcripts.
  2. A personal statement that addresses the following prompts:
    • Describe how your background, education, profession, or other experiences have influenced your interest in public health. 
    • Briefly summarize your skills in the following areas using specific examples tied to either your experience or previous coursework:
      • Communication (written/verbal)
      • Quantitative (math/statistics)
      • Analytic/reasoning/problem-solving
    • Describe your short and long-term career goals.
      • How will an MPH degree from UNC Charlotte help you achieve your professional goals?
      • Describe which of the UNC Charlotte MPH concentrations most closely aligns with your background and future career goals.
    • If necessary, discuss any special academic circumstances or other considerations that may aid the MPH Admissions Committee in reviewing your application.
  3. Three (3) letters of recommendation.
    • Ideally, at least 2 letters come from instructors who have had you in the classroom.
      • They should speak to your written and verbal abilities, your class participation and work ethic, and your preparedness for graduate study.
        • It may be useful to send them your personal statement which will help them focus on specific areas.
    •  A 3rd letter can be from another professor, an internship supervisor, volunteer coordinator, or work supervisor (if you’ve worked in public health).
    •  We do not want “character letters” (e.g. letter from your pastor indicating what a good person you are).
    •  We strongly encourage you to “waive” your letters of recommendation. Waiving allows your recommender to make a comprehensive appraisal of your strengths and weaknesses. If you do not trust your recommender to write you a fair letter, then they probably are a poor choice.
  4. Your most recent resume.
  5. If you are an international applicant, you must meet the language requirements set forth by The Graduate School for English proficiency.
    • The university requires any applicant whose native language is not English to submit an official TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo score.

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Admissions decisions

Admissions decisions are made by the MPH Admissions Committee. They only review complete application files, including all required supplemental documents, after The Graduate School's technical review. Their decisions are final; however, The Graduate School does allow specific decision appeals.

Applications are holistically reviewed which means the MPH Admissions Committee considers the “whole” applicant. Applicants are assessed on the strength of the applicant’s experiences and attributes as well as their academic performance. While GPA is important, the committee is especially concerned with the quality of the statement of purpose and letters of recommendation. The number of students admitted each semester is based on the resources available to the program.

Please check in with the program director if you will submit to the MPH program after the stated deadlines to make sure the program is still accepting applications.

The official mode of communication between the university and applicants is email. You will be notified via email when your admission decision has been made. Your official acceptance letter will come from The Graduate School. You will also receive a welcome letter from the MPH Program.

Important information and resources for admitted students are available on The Center for Graduate Life and Learning Graduate Community page and the MPH program's Student Resources page.

Per The Graduate School Deferment Policy, your application and offer of admission is only valid for the specific year and term for which you applied.


Admission information, application forms, and materials can be found in The University Catalog.

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